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Help us matriculate bright kids from poor families as they finish SAS high school, by generously donating to our fundraising efforts. Your charitable donations are tax deductible.

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Featured Student: MAXIN Angelo Ladi MUSNI

This young man is going places. He  makes SAS Ai beam with pride. He recently (2018-19) finished 9th grade  as Class Salutatorian and is moving up to 10th grade this school year  (2019-20) with a bang. He won - through his many academic achievements  and extracurricular school government activities - the coveted ONE HALF  TUITION scholarship awarded by Saint Augustine's School to its most  outstanding students. Maxin also garnered praise for his artwork and  student journalist work for the school paper. He is the current  Secretary of the entire school government tasked with looking out for  the student's interests and welfare. Truly, we have a winner in Maxin  and we are most privileged to be able to lend him a helping hand with  our financial aid program. 

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Since we opened our doors in 2009, the SAS Ai financial aid program has  helped bright students from poor families finish high school at Saint  Augustine's School. We are always fundraising because we need your  financial donation to fund the program. Without your support, and  without your tax deductible donation we would not be able to offer this  community outreach. Truly, we cannot do it alone. We need your financial  help. Please open a monthly $10 allotment. 

Our Students

Daniella Lazo


12th Grade Congratulations to Daniella for graduating SAS High School  this year 2019 as class Salutatorian. She received many awards during  her senior year in high school including essay writing awards, best  leadership, outstanding student awards, perfect attendance awards. 

Desiree Mitch F Ocampo


Hails from Brgy Tarangotong, Desiree will be entering 12th grade this  school year. She has been a driving force in her class government role  as class president. Within the SAS Ai scholar community, Desiree is the  "go to" person.